The following information is of a general nature.  You should confirm the type and standard of services offered by individual Editex editors before engaging them to edit your work.

Don’t let errors cause your thesis quality to falter at the last hurdle! Thesis editing ensures word perfection in this foremost document of your academic career.

A thesis represents years of intensive research, and it might be your first foray into academic publication. Coherent presentation of arguments and ruthlessly accurate editing and proofreading have never been more important. But only a fresh yet experienced pair of eyes can truly achieve the clear, accurate copyediting you need. Here lies the value of having your thesis reviewed by an Editex editor.

Beat error blindness with professional thesis editing

You and your thesis need some distance! When you’ve shared such a long-term relationship, it is almost impossible to see the errors in your own work. Don’t chance typos, confusing sentences or jumbled ideas going under the radar. An Editex editor can bring a fresh set of experienced academic eyes to thoroughly edit and proofread your thesis.

A full thesis editing service ensures:

  • Coherence: Logical flow and articulation of all presented arguments
  • Competence: Flawless grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure
  • Compliance: Ruthlessly accurate layout, format and referencing according to academic conventions
  • Consistency: Absolute uniformity of style, language and key terms throughout

An editor can even perform some of the most labour intensive thesis preparation tasks on your behalf. If you select Formatting and Reference Checking options they will: