What makes a good academic editor?

Academic editing is the most challenging type of editing there is. It requires deep knowledge of academic language, grammar usage, and complex document formatting methods, as well as the ability for unerring application of the many different referencing styles.  Academic editors must have a very keen eye for detail, be able to concentrate for hours at a time, work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.  In addition to having the required natural abilities a good editor must have had the right training, and years of experience. Very few people have this set of skills.

What services do academic editors provide?

Each Editex editor will provide a slightly different set of skills and editing services.  Editex helps you to find the editor who fits your needs best.

The main academic editing service areas are described on the following pages:

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How are academic editing fees worked out?

There are a confusing number of ways that academic editors charge for their work, and many different editing options to choose from.

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