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Writing Persuasive Academic Content

Article: ‘Pitch with Persuasion’

Academic writing is a practice in the art of persuasion! Whether you’re an undergraduate student or qualified academic, you’re always writing to convince. Perhaps you want your readers to take specific action. There are many techniques you can use to activate your readers’ key motivators. Here in our article Pitch with Persuasion we outline 10 simple steps to write compelling content that will champion your cause.

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Academic Essay writing

Short Course: ‘How to Write Distinction Essays Every Time’

Successful academic essay writing requires students to develop their skills over time. Writing excellent academic essays takes practice, but there are steps you can take to improve your writing and your grades immediately. Editex has created a consolidated 6-part course of articles aimed to help you improve your essay writing achieve the highest marks that you can.

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Thesis and Dissertation Writing

Writing guide: ‘A Guide to Dissertation and Thesis Writing’

Whether you are an Honours, Masters or PhD student, this free 4-part guide will provide you with important information on the skills postgraduate students need to research and write their thesis.

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Please ensure that you also read the free series above on academic essay writing, which is extremely relevant to thesis writing.

Writing Journal Articles

Article: ‘Unlock Publication-Ready Journal Articles’

Its ‘publish or perish’ in the academic arena.  You have worked hard and now it is time to let your peers know about the good work that you have been doing. If you are new to the process of journal publication you will find this article compelling reading.

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