The following information is of a general nature.  You should confirm the type and standard of services offered by individual Editex editors before engaging them to edit your work.

A skilled editor can save you a lot of time and headaches by taking control of the formatting of your document. This is especially useful for long documents such as theses. They will ensure that your document complies with the requirements of your journal or university. If there is no format specified they can format to guidelines that look professional are generally accepted by universities and other organisations.

Formatting includes checking or creation of a Table of Contents, along with a List of Tables and List of Figures. It also includes a check of pagination, and ensuring that headings, margins and fonts are consistent. You should add Formatting to your order to get the best result, but you may pass it by if you wish.

Some theses and other more complex documents call for extended formatting that falls outside of the standard requirements.  This can include reorganising tables to make them fit or display properly, tidying up appendices, and inserting picture files or PDF documents into a Word document.